Constructing Bespoke Steel Fabrications

For a strong, sturdy, and durable steel product that is tailored to meet your brief, get in touch with the experts at C2 Construction. Using a wealth of experience and expertise, our tradesmen are able to carry out all manner of fabrication requests, offering a swift turnaround and a competitive price. Our steel fabrication services cover various bespoke products, including:

  • Detailing, Fabrication and erection of structural steel work 
  • Supply and installation of secondary steel work to existing structures 
  • Site welding and fabrication 
  • Steel stars and metalwork as part of a complete steel work package 
  • Fire Escapes
  • Mazzanine Floors
  • Architectural Steelwork
  • DDA Hand Railing
  • Weighbrides

Combining Our Services

At C2 Construction, we have the advantage of being able to combine our steel fabrication work with our construction services. This means that our customers are able to have their entire project covered without the additional cost of acquiring two separate contractors.